Friday, May 18, 2012

I Missed His 1 Month Post!

Happy 1 Month Birthday Monkey!

One of my co-workers got Fin this adorable sheriff outfit, complete with fringe!

This month he:
  • has already grown out of newborn diapers.
  • is close to growing out of some of his newborn clothes.
  • is starting to be awake even more and looks around a ton!
  • can get out of any self wrapped swaddle. Only the Velcro ones will keep him in for a while, though he can get his arms out the top and bottom of those.
  • doesn't sleep well at night! He hardly ever sleeps longer than 1.5 hours and that is usually only when he is laying on me. 
  • does a lot of what we call his Fin exercises. He flips his arms around in a windmill like motion. It is SO cute!
  • loves his daddy. I love seeing him with his dad. Hubby is so great with him.
  • is growing so much! He was 7lb 8oz at birth and he is now 8lb 4oz! His growth was slow at first, but now he is growing like a weed!
This month I:
  • left him with dad for a couple of small trips. It was so strange to leave the house without him!
  • turned 30! I just barely made my goal of having a baby by 30. He was born on the 13th and I turned 30 on the 30th.
  • started taking Fenugreek to increase my supply cause my little guy is SO hungry all the time. So now I smell like celery, but I have more milk :)
  • cried when my mom left. I was worried that by the end of her 11 days here we would be ready to kill each other, but actually it was amazing. We had a great time and I bawled like a baby when she left.
  • watched the entire series of Greys Anatomy & Bones, most of Arrested Development & the IT Crowd and some of Crossing Jordan. Like I said, he eats all the time so I watch Netflix!
I'm sure there is lots more from this month, but that's all I've got for now. I can't wait to see what he does next month!


  1. The Fenugreek made me smell like Maple Syrup lol. Happy belated birthday to you, and I can't believe it's already been over a month since you had your little guy! How amazing :) The time sure flies.

    I have three unopened bottles of Fenugreek if you want them- just email me. I had bought a bunch to try and get me through BFing, but then ended up quitting because my supply just wasn't going anywhere. I got them from Puritan's Pride online, they had like buy 2 bottles get 3 free, so I got 5 bottles for like $10. Just in case you want to save a little money on them :)

    You're little guy is so adorable. And you all look so happy!

  2. I could've written so many parts of this post too! I missed our baby's one month by a few days too. Hard to believe how time fles. Nice to read the update!!