Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Sure Why...

I'm not sure why I can't seem to blog anymore. Lots of things have been happening. TONS of things are going through my head. I just can't seem to put it all together. But I want to. I want to be able to look back here and remember how this time felt. So I'm gonna force myself to write a full post here and see if that will kick start something. So here goes!

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks. Next week will be my last week working, although when I go to the doc today, I may try to get them to write up something so that this week can be my last. Working hurts! Sitting for too long hurts cause my chair isn't the most comfy thing. Standing for more than 5 or so minutes gives me Braxton Hicks. The worst thing is that when we are fairly busy, I have to get up and down a LOT! Run back and forth to one of the 4 printers that we use to print different types of documents. So in helping one customer, I might have to get up and down 4 times. It doesn't feel good.

Last week the munchkin started to drop. Since then I can breathe again, but he is back on my sciatic nerve. And walking feels odd and somewhat painful. Lots of pressure down below.

One of the things that I have been spending most of my time on lately is avidly reading all of the books on childbirth. I'm making a list for hubby of all the pain relieving techniques so he can help me remember and suggest things at helpful times. I'm really hoping to make it through without any meds. To go along with this, I am taking childbirth classes from a private group that employs doulas and midwives. Its a great organization and the classes have been amazingly helpful (especially for hubby who was floored when she acted out what a contraction on hands and knees might look like).

Well thats all for now. I'm hoping to start a post today on some of the things I'm struggling with. We shall see how it goes. I have to leave in 1.5 hours for both of my weekly appointments so it may not happen til tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Relief

First off, we are NOT moving!!! Hubby was offered the job in Texas, but the pay was about the same as the pay he gets here, but the insurance cost would have been lots more (over $800 per month for all three of us!?!?!). Plus our current house payment is super cheap since we bought a forclosure so that would be higher there too. Bo basically no dice.

I'm a little sad not to be moving closer to family, but I'm very relieved not to be moving. On that note, we finally put the crib together!!

           34 weeks 2 day & a Crib!!                                   Hubby after his hard work!

It is so nice to be able to start working on his room. Now I just need the time and energy. We are taking Childbirth Prep classes right now so last night we had to drive an hour to the hospital for our tour. It was far more eventful than it normally would be since there was a Code Red (aka fire) in one corner of the hospital. It was all handled quickly, but it made the group of 10 very pregnant ladies quite nervous! Then today we drive down again for our first actual class.

Our town is small and the hospital isn't the best so most people drive down to Santa Fe where there is a much larger hospital. The drive is annoying, but the doctors are much better. Plus my town is so small I know all the family drama of the only OB so its hard to feel confident in her medical skills when I have watched her family crash and burn. I know that this shouldn't matter, but I can't help it.

So we are spending lots of time in the car. It makes for very long days. Today we have class from 6:30 to 8:30 so we will not get home until around 9:30 at the earliest. I'm usually in bed by 9:30. Then on Wednesday morning I get to drive back for a doctors appointment. I'm getting tired of the car (even though it is my awesome new-to-us Kia Soul).

But even though all this driving is annoying, its a relief to have the classes set. Last week they thought they wouldn't be able to run the full class because only 2 couples had signed up and 3 is their minimum to run a class. So I was freaking out. They wanted to do 3 classes instead of 5 and they wouldn't start until March 20th. Thats a bit too close to my due date for comfort (especially since this weekend I was 1 Braxton Hicks contraction away from having to call my doctor). So as much as I might complain, I am really very glad to be hauling my butt to Santa Fe several times each week.