Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Sure Why...

I'm not sure why I can't seem to blog anymore. Lots of things have been happening. TONS of things are going through my head. I just can't seem to put it all together. But I want to. I want to be able to look back here and remember how this time felt. So I'm gonna force myself to write a full post here and see if that will kick start something. So here goes!

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks. Next week will be my last week working, although when I go to the doc today, I may try to get them to write up something so that this week can be my last. Working hurts! Sitting for too long hurts cause my chair isn't the most comfy thing. Standing for more than 5 or so minutes gives me Braxton Hicks. The worst thing is that when we are fairly busy, I have to get up and down a LOT! Run back and forth to one of the 4 printers that we use to print different types of documents. So in helping one customer, I might have to get up and down 4 times. It doesn't feel good.

Last week the munchkin started to drop. Since then I can breathe again, but he is back on my sciatic nerve. And walking feels odd and somewhat painful. Lots of pressure down below.

One of the things that I have been spending most of my time on lately is avidly reading all of the books on childbirth. I'm making a list for hubby of all the pain relieving techniques so he can help me remember and suggest things at helpful times. I'm really hoping to make it through without any meds. To go along with this, I am taking childbirth classes from a private group that employs doulas and midwives. Its a great organization and the classes have been amazingly helpful (especially for hubby who was floored when she acted out what a contraction on hands and knees might look like).

Well thats all for now. I'm hoping to start a post today on some of the things I'm struggling with. We shall see how it goes. I have to leave in 1.5 hours for both of my weekly appointments so it may not happen til tomorrow :)


  1. The end of pregnancy isn't easy, is it? I just posted a little bit about this today actually. Hope you can get off work this week, I'm really lucky to be off work already and it has made such a difference. :)

  2. It does get rougher towards the end :)

    I didn't read much about childbirth before it happened since I was trying to go natural but open to anything. Good luck with your birth plan, but remember if things don't go as planned don't beat yourself up over it. I wanted to go natural, and ended up with a c-section... you never know. Hopefully your birth will go just fine though!

  3. sorry it is painful! Having to get up and down definitely sucks! Hopefully you can get off a bit earlier and just relax. So excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wasn't working during my pregnancy and have so much respect for women who do. I have no idea how you do it!!!! Amazing. I hope you get to have a break sooner then later. I remember all the reading and preparing we did for childbirth too. So much that I forgot to do much reading about actually having a newborn! The reading and classes made me feel so much better though and I hope they do the same for you.