Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby's Room...So Far

I have had a couple of requests to post the pics of the baby's room so far. I will warn you that at this point it doesn't look like a "Nursery or Baby's Room." Right now it looks like a crazy storage area. It is better than it was yesterday (I spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing). So here goes...

Before organization:
This pic is of the room as you walk in. Below the pillow and other assorted baby stuff is a queen size bed. Hubby & I built the bookshelves, but we still need to finish them. The front edges need to be covered with molding or something similar.

The left hand wall. The window is on the right and the closet is on the left. Most of this stuff is either for the baby or to go in the attic.

You can just make out the corner of the bed.

After organization:
Semi-organized closet. Newborn sized and 0-3 are all hanging. I still have TONS more to hang, but I need more hangers. The hanging bin has hats, bibs, socks, shoes, pacifiers & swaddling blankets. The stuff at the top and on the bottom is our junk that will hopefully find a new home soon, I just need to organize our room first.

Everything that belongs in the attic is now there. The plastic drawer thingy is filled with all the baby clothes. One bin for each size: 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 & 9-12. Our changing table is on the left with the changing pad on top. The cover in in the washer as we speak. On top of that is the My.Breast.Friend Pillow that a friend gave me. The stroller box is empty, but we are keeping it just in case we end up not liking our car seat. The crib is in the brown box on the right. That is where it will be set up if we stay. the car seat is in its box in front of that. We are still too chicken to pull it out and mess with it :)

Toys are all in the basket on the end table. Diapers are on the bookshelf. I plan to get rid of lots of the stuff on the shelves, but I ran out of energy.

Now you can actually tell that there is a bed in the room! It still has the stroller (right), play pen (middle) and snap-n-go stroller (left) plus some baby jungle gyms. We got the full stroller and the snap-n-go cause the snap-n-go was only 8 bucks on craigslist!

Well that's it so far. None of the fun stuff yet. Hopefully in the next 3 weeks we will find out if we are going to stay here or be moving to parts unknown. Hubby's bosses are trying really hard to get him another post doc. Its not the ideal solution that we were hoping for, but in this economy, we will take whatever option that we can get. If we tweek our finances a bit, we should be able to make due on hubby's salary and I can stay home with the munchkin. So please keep your fingers crossed that hubby's post doc will be approved!!!


  1. You have so much stuff!! The room is really starting to come together, it must make it feel so real. It must be so hard to not know where you will be living - fingers crossed that it will be approved!

  2. Yay!!! I was so excited when I saw this post title. Glad to get a glimpse of Fin's room. Y'all did a lot yesterday! Love the built in bookshelves. That bed will be a good place to play with him, take a nap, etc. :-) Love the organized closet.

  3. That reminds me of how our nursery was all the way up until the last month :) It will get there, slowly but surely. You've made a lot of progress already! Hopefully you'll find out where you're going to be soon so you can really get down to planning it out. So exciting that you're working on the room though, it's an amazing feeling isn't it?