Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Thoughts for my Nephew

I want to take a minute to ask everyone to say a pray (or meditate or do whatever it is that you do) for my nephew. He will be having some pretty major surgery in two weeks. He is only 6, but has had fairly severe neck pain all of his life. To hopefully alleviate the pain, they will be removing a small part of his skull (in the back just under where it curves down) and shaving the edge of his T1 vertebrae. This will hopefully solve the problem for life. So please ask for surgeons with steady hands and nurses who will make him feel as good as possible under the circumstances.

I had surgery when I was 12 and I still remember the nurse who took me back to surgery. She was there when I went to sleep and she was right there when I woke up. If I walked into that docs office, I could still pick her out. She was so sweet to me. I really hope he has someone like that. He is at a children's hospital so I would hope that all the nurses are that awesome to the kids.

His older sister is going to come stay with us. I am so glad that we are close enough (opposite sides of the same state) that we can help them out. His dad is in the Air Force and they live in southern New Mexico. Because the population of New Mexico is so small, anytime you have major medical issues that require a specialist, you get sent to Albuquerque. Since we are less than 2 hours from Albuquerque, we can go pick up my niece and still be close enough to go visit him once he is out of the ICU. I'm very glad I have been hoarding my vacation and sick time!

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programing and thanks in advance for all the happy thoughts!


  1. are such a good Aunt! That is super sweet of y'all to watch Allie. I really wish we could be there! Ian wouldn't be much help though. :(

  2. So, so sorry this is late. How is your nephew doing? He is in my thoughts and prayers.