Saturday, February 11, 2012

9 Weeks to go!?!?!?!?!

I am simply amazed that we have made it to this point! We are down to single digits on our weeks left! Last night I looke at hubby and said "Only 9 more weeks! That's CRAZY!!" His response was perfect. He said "It's not crazy, it's AWESOME!" We are both still in shock that we have made it to this point. I still look down at my belly and it takes a minute to realize that I'm really 8 months pregnant! Only 2 months to go! My due date is in 2 months and 3 days! The due date my doc is going by is in 2 months and 5 days (but since he is measuring 3 or 4 days ahead each ultrasound, I'm going with the 4-12 date).

I can remember being in school when we had 9 week semesters. They felt so long. But now 9 weeks seems like no time at all. Especially when you take into consideration what is going to happen during that time.

Hubby is going to interview with a company in Texas. It is quite likely that he will get an offer from them. His current boss is trying to get him another post doc here at the lab he is currently at. And yesterday, he had a meeting with a possible group who might fund the company that they want to start. So he may have three job offers coming in, but he still might not have any. This waiting is killing me!! I want to decorate Fin's room. I want to take the crib out of its box.

But at least for the moment, I feel fairly confident that at least one of the three options will work out. In reality, I am fine with any of the three options. Texas would be within 3.5 hours of all of my family (and most of hubby's). Either a post doc or the company here would be great since we already have a group of friends here and we wouldn't have to move with a newborn or with me 9 months pregnant.

So thats it for now. Todays task is to finish up the little home improvement projects that we have been putting off. All the piddly stuff like finishing the baseboards and painting the trim around the attic door. Fun, fun, fun.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys that you've made it this far!! Single digits--craziness! ( and definitely awesome!) I hope you get to figure out your housing situation soon. Keep us posted!

  2. 9 weeks is definitely awesome!! I need to get my act together and mail all that stuff to you!! Can't wait to see what happens with the job situation. Glad it looks like something is going to work out!

  3. I can't even believe your down to 9 weeks already! That's so amazing and I'm so thrilled that things are going well. You're going to be meeting your little guy so soon! I'm also really glad to hear that there are so many good possibilities for your hubby's job. I hope it all gets worked out quickly so you can start planning for that little guys arrival.