Monday, April 23, 2012

How Has It Been 10 Days??

I am astounded that it has already/only been 10 days. I go back and forth between thinking how can it have only been 10 days and how can it already have been 10 days. It feels like he has been part of our lives forever. But that might be the sleep deprivation talking. 

Fin's 1 week Birthday!

Me, Fin & my Mom (thank god she came out. More on that in the birth story)

Just too cute for words! (I especially love hearing that my nephew who is almost 3 said "Uh oh Mikey!" in a very concerned voice!)

My little monkey cuddling in the quilt made my his great grandma and his Oma. Plus I love the cute pacifier with the giraffe attached. He automatically cuddles it! I planned to avoid the paci for at least a month, but this little man has to be sucking on something so the paci was the only thing that has saved my boobs :)

Well, I'm off to take a nap while the munchkin is sleeping since he only sleeps during the day currently!


  1. I remember that feeling. I mean really, I still feel it now and Bean's almost 2! That feeling of time going by too fast and yet having always somehow been that way. You all look so happy and he's so adorable. Enjoy every second!

  2. Love the last pic of Fin in his quilt with his giraffe. Glad the paci is saving your boobs! Love you!

  3. We had to use the paci too! I agree, save the nipples lol! I cant believe it's been over a week already either. Must be that sleep deprivation! ;)