Monday, September 26, 2011

When Should This or That Symptom Start?

I'm starting to see why some women hate all those pregnancy books. I am definitely NOT fitting those timelines for most things. The books say morning sickness is usually worse in the morning and generally happens from 6 weeks to 13 weeks. Mine didn't start until 1pm. Ever. And it started at 4 weeks and was gone by 10 weeks. Go me. 2 weeks ahead of the game.

Most of the books say, nesting starts around 5 months and often not until later. I'm apparently 2 months ahead on this one too! For the past two weekends, I find myself unable to sit lazily on the couch. As I was watching some random tv show on Netflix, I noticed that the bottom shelf of our living room bookcase was a big mess. Normally I would think, man I should clean that, but end up getting sucked into the show again and forget. Can you tell that I'm not a neat freak? But this weekend, it drove me NUTS! I had to clean it. Then when I was putting away a pair of shoes that was on the floor near the book shelf, I noticed how chaotic the coat/shoe closet was. After two trashbags of stuff to send to the local thrift store and a dust pan full of pet hair (sorry, but how can they shed their own body weight in fur monthly?) the closet is nicely organized and clean. Each project lead me to the next until we ended up with a totally cleaned down stairs (including steam cleaning the whole downstairs). Granted hubby did most of the steam cleaning since I had run out of energy by then, but still. This is not like me.

I am speculating that this instinct is hitting early because we may be moving during the normal nesting time. We are still hoping that hubby will get hired on permenantly at the lab, but the best option would be if his group formed a company. In that case, we would end up moving about 45 minutes away. I am terrified that we are going to end up moving when I am 7 or 8 months pregnant. I feel like it is too early to do much now, but I also don't want to wait because we could me moving. And in reality, we could be moving cross country (New Mexico to DC) if hubby gets any of the jobs he applied for recently. We still have no clue what's going to happen.

So maybe its a really good thing that I'm not sticking to the "typical" timeline. And as my mom would say, its not out of the ordinary for me to be wierd. My nickname as a kids was Gonzo (yep, because of the muppet).


  1. Honestly, I don't think there is a typical timeline for anything LOL. I never got morning sickness, I got nausea that lasted... well, it melded into the heartburn (which makes me nauseous) so I don't know when it ended really. My round ligament pains presented weird (vaginal pain instead of abdominal) and now they're abdominal and stabby, completely different than what I expected... same with a lot of my other pregnancy issues- just not what I was expecting. Nor when I was expecting them.

    As for nesting, as soon as I was off bedrest I began going through my house (careful not to overdo it!) and got rid of massive amounts of stuff. I think I started "nesting" when I realized I had a baby shower coming up next month and would need somewhere to put the stuff we get. Most people due around when I am already have their nurseries together, while I'm just starting.

    Do things at your own pace and don't worry about what's "typical" :) Everyone is different, our bodies and lives are different, how we experience life itself is different.

  2. There is no typical timeline. Every pregnancy is different and the books shouldn't be taken seriously. Good that you're doing so well !

  3. Ehhh, screw the symptom timeline. If sore boobs were a pregnancy symptom, I would have been pregnant since the day before my IUI. With about 80 babies.

    Take them as they come, complain when they suck, but enjoy the heck out of the ride!