Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Can I Nearly be in the 3rd Trimester!

Holy cow! I only have 100 days to go! Today I am 26 weeks so according to about 50% of the internet, I will start the 3rt trimester in a week. Its so strange. The first trimester felt so long. The second seems to have flown by!

On that note, here are a few pics.

26 Weeks
Awesome aquarium volcano bubble (cool red LED light makes it look AWESOME!)

Hubby assembling our new stroller!

Hubby "changing" the kitty on our new playpen changing station. Amazingly he didn't bleed after this :)


  1. Awesome milestone-100 days to go! the pics are too cute! :D

  2. Guess I didn't comment on this one. Anyways, LOVE your stroller and playpen combos!! Good that your hubby is getting practice haha. :-)