Monday, January 9, 2012

I Have Hit That Point

Anyone who has a kiddo knows the point. The point in pregnancy where everything starts to get progressively harder.

A few examples:
  • It took a good bit of finagling to get my socks on today. I warned hubby that he would likely be taking over that task in the near future :) I think the main reason that it was harder today was because I WAY over did it yesterday and it now hurts to move my legs, but I can see how it is just going to keep getting worse.
  • I now rarely get off the couch without an "omph."
  • I walk up the stairs like a duck. My feet are spread wider and I kind of lean forward. I told hubby if he laughs at me, I will kick his butt (except that I'm not confident that I could lift my leg up that high).
  • Organizing the baby's room yesterday required 4 or 5 breaks and a night with my feet up and I still feel like I was hit by a truck. But the baby's room is in great shape!
  • I think I may be starting to waddle. My stride feels different, but I don't have access to a long enough mirror to know for sure :)
  • I have to run pee every 45 minutes or so. Which means that I have roughly 2050 more trips to the bathroom before he is born. That is quite depressing since that only includes the aware hours. I didn't factor in the 4 trips per night!
  • I now have to wear the support belt all the time. I can feel the strain if I don't. I sometimes take it off if I'm just on the couch, but otherwise it is my constant companion.
  • It is getting harder and harder to get up and down from my chair at work. I have one of those slightly taller desk chairs to sit at the teller line. I am trying to combine all I can into each trip up or down.
  • Based on our ultrasound last week (and on the new high up kicks), Fin is head down. His head was sitting squarely on my cervix. I thought I felt him do a big flip last week and I must have been right. He had been feet down. With his head pushing down, I'm getting lots of pressure on my lady parts which seems to be adding to the leg moving pain has helped to increase my bathroom trips.
Well I guess that was more than a few, but I want to try to remember as much as possible. I guess it makes sense. The second trimester was so nice and now the third is starting and it will be less fun except that each day gets me closer to my little man!


  1. Omgosh, 3rd trimester! I am so happy for you =) I laughed out loud when I read the "I'm not confident I could lift my leg up that high" part. So funny! I'm glad Fin is head down--I hope he stays that way, though I'm sure the pressure from his head and the high kicks aren't a picnic. Hang in there though. You're doing great!

  2. Yay 3rd trimesester!! Very glad Fin is head down - he will take care of his Daddy for laughing at you soon enough! I hope the rest of it isn't too uncomfortable, but I am so glad all else is going so well!

  3. P.S. When you get a chance, I want to see pix of Fin's room!!!!