Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 6 & 7 with a Belly Shot

Day 5: A picture of something that makes me happy. 

So I of course have several pictures. The two things that make me happiest right now are my belly and Christmas. So pics of both!
After being shocked by our old lights, we went LED this year and I LOVE them! They are so bright!

Our tree and stockings. And yes there are only two of us, but we have the kitties and puppy. I still need a stocking for the pup since he is new to our family this year. I am going to wait until next year to get one for Fin.

22 weeks and one day. AKA Fin and his first Christmas tree.

Me & Lola during "Lola upside down time."  She is a funny cat. And yes that's the messy house I referred to in my list of things about me.

Day 6: Where do you shop?

Mostly We live in a town with one grocery store, a Bealls and a small local departments store. Its an hour to Santa Fe with more stores and an hour 45 mins to Albuquerque with all of the stores. We don't go to Abq often so we usually stick with Santa Fe and Amazon. 

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  1. Cute tree and even cuter belly! I can't believe you're already 22 weeks...time flies!