Thursday, December 8, 2011

Days 4 & 5

Day 4 - If you won the lottery what would you blow your money on (after charity and bills, of course) list 10 material possessions you would buy for yourself.

1. A brand new Dodge Charger.

2. A brand new Dodge Challenger for hubby.

3. Design and renovate a room to be an art studio.

4. Kiln for my art studio.

5. Glass blowing lessons.

6. A newer, bigger house.

7. A vacation house in Texas, probably in the Hill Country.

8. A giant whirlpool tub.

9. A pool & hot tub for our newer house.

10. Foosball table (I could get one now, but would need the bigger house first).
Day 5 - 15 facts about yourself.

1. I am a messy person. I couldn't stand to live in a house that is super neat. It makes me twitchy. I love my nice messy house.

2. I really miss teaching and wish I could handle being on my feet that much.

3. My hubby calls me a Christmas crack head. I LOVE Christmas time. The lights and the tree and the family. I love it all.

4. I am addicted to feeling the kiddo move! Just in the past 3 days, I have started feeling movements several times a day.

5. I have a hopeless addiction to TV shows with a supernatural theme from the 90s & 00s. Examples: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Charmed. I am currently rewatching Charmed on Netflix.

6. I also have a hopeless addiction to trashy romance novels. I tried to keep track of how many I read last year. I know I missed some, but I counted 67 for sure.

7. I am also very cheap in my romance novel addiction. I generally get them from a local thrift store where they usually cost around 10 cents each. I only buy 3 or 4 new each year.

8. I have come to like the snow. I hated the cold so much at first when we moved from Texas, that I couldn't appreciate the snow. But now that we are in our second winter with not much snow so far, I miss it.

9. Garlic bread may be the best food on the planet. And thats not just a pregnancy craving talking. I have always loved it!

10. I am an annoying in between size in almost everything. My pants are too long if I get longs and too short if I get regulars. Larges are too small and XLs are too big in many shirts (except over the girls, there XLs fit). I am even technically in between cup sizes for my bra! I wish clothes fit better.

11. Monkeys are awesome. I know this isn't technically about me, but I guess I could say, I think monkeys are awesome.

12. I'm apparently very boring because this is way too hard!

13. Currently Fruit Loops are my new craving.

14. Even though I like the snow, I really want to be on a beach right now!!!

15. In 5 more minutes I will close my window and head home to a big bowl of chili and cornbread!

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