Sunday, December 25, 2011

Woo Hoo!

Well, as of yesterday, no matter how you count it (on Thursdays which works with the day of conception or on Saturdays which works with how he is growing), Mr. Fin has reached 24 weeks and the point of viability! I keep telling him that even though he might be able to survive it, he should stay inside for at least 14 more weeks.

But we have hit the point where I told myself I would feel more comfortable with buying stuff. And its a good thing because when hubby got home from work one day this week, there was a very large box on the door stop. That big box contained THIS!!!

Its our baby's crib! Isn't it pretty! Currently the box is sitting on the landing between the downstairs and upstairs. We aren't going to get it out until we know if we will be in this house, so it could be a couple of months before I can take a picture of it all put together in our house.

Well, thats about all for now. Hope everyone has a great holiday! Eat lots of tasty treats and enjoy the family time!

24 Weeks and 3 Days!
I took my jacket off for two minutes to take the picture. Its COLD!


  1. Lissie! What a landmark date! So happy for you. Keep me updated!

  2. You just have to LOVE getting that kinda mail!

    I mentioned you on my blog.