Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I am Actually Liking my OB

I had heard some stories from several different people that made me leary of staying witht he same OBGYN that I've seen since we moved here. Most included being induced for various reasons that didn't seem good enough to me. But so far, I'm actually loving my OB.

For one, she told me where to order great maternity clothes online :) I know thats not really a  reason to love an OB, but it made me feel comfortable talking to her.

But the main reason that she is awesome is how she treats fertility patients! They allowed me not to get a pap as early in the pregnancy if I wanted to, because of the likelyhood of bleeding. They assured me that the pap was not risky, but that many women who have dealt with IF are worried about any bleeding. I went ahead and got it over with, but I greatly appreciated the option.

When I spoke to the doc about wanting to keep things as natural as possible, she totally understood. She did caution me not to get to set on one direction since birth is different for everyone and things can happen unexpectedly.

We also talked about whether or not I am actually high risk. With the placenta previa I am if it doesn't move, but mostly they call all women who have done IVF high risk. She implied that it is more for our benefit since being high risk gets you more ultrasounds and more monitoring. She expressed that they take it very seriously that we have put so much into getting where we are. She even said that she completely realizes that if we loose our baby, we may never get another chance. We can't just go home and do the nasty and end up preggo again.

I am completely butchering our talk, but it was great and it made me feel like she really understands what we (preggo IFers) are going through. Its an odd place to be. We are so excited to be here, but so scared too.


  1. Your OB sounds great! I think it's awesome that she understands where pregnant IF-ers are coming from. I like my OB a lot, but sometimes I miss my RE because she was just so much more sensitive to my fears/concerns. I hope everything is going well and the placentia previa resolves itself!

  2. I'm so happy that you have such a great OB! We had 3 in our practice and there was only one that I really felt comfortable with. It's SO important, especially for those of us who had such a hard time getting to this point. So glad things are going well!