Friday, October 28, 2011

16 Weeks (yesterday)! and random updates

Why is it that some weeks seem like a bigger deal than others? Each week has been a celebration including a high five in the morning and a huge hug when we get home. But some seem like a bigger deal. 16 feels bigger. 12 was bigger. Now I am looking forward to 20 (which will be Thanksgiving day).

I feel like now if I tell someone that I'm pregnant and they ask how far along, saying 16 weeks is real. I felt silly saying 12 weeks or 14 weeks. For some reason 16 feels real. I'm sure I'm totally nuts, but hey, I am seriously enjoying this!

In other news, I finally got my work chair fixed. I've been at work for an hour and my back doesn't hurt yet. Maybe this will work! The lady who came also plans to get me a foot rest and get the okay to make a few changes to my station. She is worried that my chair may be hard to use as I get bigger so she is going to recommend that they come back and check in 6 weeks or so once I'm starting to get bigger. This whole chair thing should not have been a big deal, but for the past few days I have had a hard time walking normally without pain. I tend to shuffle for at least an hour after work until everything stretches out. The heating pad has been a close friend lately. Now that this is better, I'm going to make a massage appointment to try to get my back feeling totally normal again. The funny thing is that all the stuff that made my chair painful is all the stuff I loved about it before getting pregnant. It leaned perilously far back and moved around a lot when you sit. It felt almost like a rocking chair. Apparently that's bad.

Hubby commented on my tummy getting hard yesterday. I hadn't noticed, but he said he could feel the difference when we hugged. So of course I spent the evening poking my belly and what do you know! It is quite a bit more firm.

Aside from lots of food aversions and needing to eat ALL the time, I am having very few symptoms. I periodically feel some cramps in my uterus and some stretching of the ligaments, but not for long and nothing that a walk, or occasionally Tylenol, can't fix.

Most of the food aversions have been smell or texture based, no surprise there. I have always had texture issues with food (don't get me started on oatmeal or tapioca pudding). But recently things that I normally liked are causing problems. Hubby made some chicken noodle soup and I thought I was gonna hurl. French fries are the devil. I'm still having trouble cooking cause raw meats are TERRIBLE! Luckily hubby doesn't mind doing the cutting and starting the meal if I take over once its in the pan.

Well that's all the randomness I've got for today. Now I'm off to work on some Halloween decorations. We are doing a pirate theme at work. I have to go make our lobby look like a ship. That should be easy right?


  1. There is something seriously wrong when you feel like french fries are the devil. Seriously. Wrong.

  2. "I have to go make our lobby look like a ship. That should be easy right?" LOL! I want pictures, that should be interesting.

    I think for everyone when it feels more real varies, so what you're saying makes perfect sense to me :) For me it was a lot of little milestones making it feel a little more real each time. Totally get it.

    So awesome that you are 16wks!

  3. Yay for 16 weeks!! For some random reason, I thought you were still 14 weeks. So these last two weeks flew by for me! Looking forward to seeing pix of your shipified lobby!