Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sad Day in Our World

Yesterday my hubby's grandpa passed away. I mentioned in a previous post that he was not doing well. Since then, he was in the hospital and then in a rehab facility. He seemed to be improving and it even seemed likely that he could one day come home again. But sadly that was not the way of things. He went peacefully, just sort of drifted away.

I also previously mentioned that he was a scientist. He developed the nutrient medium that embryos grew in for the early IVFs. As I sit here, pregnant with our baby through IVF, I can't help but think of the saying "When one door closes, somewhere a window opens." His grandpa couldn't have known that one day, his work would help his grandson have a baby, but I know that its helping hubby to know that we have this little one coming that his grandpa helped create.

Hubby's grandma seems to be taking all of this amazingly well. We have all known that it is coming in the not too distant future, but it always still a shock. I know that the moment we lost my grandma was still intensely painful and startling, even though I had sat by her side for nearly 24 hours. Even if you try to prepare yourself, its really not possible. They were married for 58 years. How can you face a life without your partner of 58 years. She is a very strong woman.

So to any of you who pray or meditate or practice any other spiritual time, please think of hubby's grandma and of hubby and family. And maybe throw in our little one. I am even more scared now of what it would be like if we lost it.


  1. My thoughts are with your family (*hugs*)

  2. Love you! Def keeping everyone, especially your mini-me, in our thoughts and prayers.