Monday, October 24, 2011

So Surreal

Last week I went to visit my family in Texas. It was great to see everyone, but holy cow, traveling is HARD! Before I got there I planned much of my time there. As usual, I only have a few days, but have TONS of people to see. So I definitely overbooked myself. I forgot how quickly I get tired. And how often I need to eat. And how important naps are for days I'm up and moving a lot.

Luckily everyone is so happy and excited for us that it wasn't a big deal to change some plans. I did manage to go out and see my mom's hubby's band the day we landed. Luckily San Antonio recently made it illegal to smoke in bars. I was quite impressed that I stayed up past midnight (especially since it was Central time and we live in Mountain time so it was really 1am!). I did of course sleep til 11am the next day. I also visited my grandma twice (and even dragged my brother along once), went shopping with both my step-sisters, had dinner at my sister's house twice, had lunch and dinner with my dad and spent most of a day shopping with my mom. I packed a lot into 4.5 days!

The strange and surreal part is as I was getting dressed the first full day there, hubby was staring at my tummy. I turned and looked in the mirror. I'm starting to show. Its still that annoying time where I just look fatter instead of pregnant, but still! I know that beneath the pudge is a baby. I can't wait for the next couple of weeks as it starts to turn into a real baby bump.

I knew I would be excited, but I had no clue how much. Everytime I walk by a mirror, I have to turn sideways and look.

I also went shopping and bought some maternity shirts. I was really glad I got to go while I was in Texas. For one, there was a much bigger store than we have. And two, I went with my mom and two step-sisters which is much more fun than going alone!

Its starting to feel real. I'm going between thinking "Whew, we made it though the rough part!" and "Holy cow, if things go badly now I will be devistated!" I know that my chances are good at this point. I know that things look good and there is no reason to think I won't have a perfect baby in April, but its so hard to give up worrying.  But I'm trying. I'm thinking about the awesomeness of being pregnant right this second. No matter what, I am pregnant right now.


  1. I'm glad you had a great time! I have the feeling that the fears will never completely go away, but I'm glad things are going so well for you!

  2. Glad you had a great time, sounds like a really jam packed visit but I totally know how that goes- when my sister visits us from Texas, she really has to cram in her visiting too :) And yay for starting to show!

  3. Ditto on yay for starting to show!! That is super exciting! Sounds like y'all had a really good time. So glad you got to go visit and go shopping with family! Love ya!