Friday, October 7, 2011

NT Scan including some Pics

All went wll yesterday at our NT Scan. Hubby and I decided that we didn't want all the bloodwork and such so we just had the ultrasound. The baby measured perfectly. No indicators for Downs or any of the other chromosomal issues that can come up. So basically, YAY!

Hubby had not seen the little one since it was just a white blob on the screen. I watched him watch the screen as much as I watched the actual ultrasound. His face was amazing to watch. The sonographer was great. She told us everything that she was measuring and pointed out each different body part. The baby was jumping around and flipping over so much that she had a bit of trouble getting to everything, but in the end, after jabbing the baby (and of course me) several times she got the kid to quit mooning us and was able to get the all important neck measurement. Prefect.

It was so cool to see the kid flipping around. It is very surreal to see and to know that its happening inside my body and yet I can't feel it. I can't wait to feel it!

When she typed in the "Hi Mom & Dad," hubby got huge eyes. I think he realized "Whoa, thats us!"

This one cracked us up. I looks like the kid is kicked back in a hammock with a smoke :)


  1. That last picture is AWESOME! That one needs to get framed Lissie!!! Hope you have a great weekend. Congrats on the awesome NT scan :)

  2. So amazing! Thanks for sharing, how exciting for you two!

  3. It's pretty amazing to see isn''t it?? I'm so happy to hear that things are going well and that all looks good. Such good news!

  4. Hehe...I really love the last one! Y'all's baby is already chill and cool! ;-)