Monday, April 11, 2011

A Bit Stressed

At 3pm this afternoon, I go for an ultrasound to see if Letrozole worked at all. Fingers crossed!!!

If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what will happen next. We might do injectables or we might go straight to IVF. My RE said he was hesitant to do injects with someone so young (I'm almost 30, it doesn't feel "SO young" to me!).

IVF is SO expensive. I think I'm gonna push for at least one injectable cycle first. I'm also considering taking a month off to do Nurtisystem and try to loose some weight. But I'm afraid my head might explode if I do that.

I just found out that two more of my cousins are preggo. While I'm very happy for both of them (L. has been seeing an RE for a while and the S. is single and 38 so she figures this is her only chance, her words not mine) it makes me sad. L is the only cousin younger than me on my dad's side. And S. being preggo make me the LAST cousin on my mom's side. All the rest have kids, even the ones who are younger than me. S has a step-sister who is only 20 and doesn't have any kiddos and I have two step-sisters and a step-bro (all between 16 and 18 so the better not have kids before me!), but of all the non-steps, I'm the last. I didn't realize that til this morning.

On top of that I feel a lot of pressure to hurry up so my Grandma on my dad's side gets to meet my baby. She will be 94 this year. No one is putting pressure intentionally. I think its mostly K, dad's fiancee. She thinks shes helping, but she is just making stuff worse.

I know they say that you only notice all the preggo people cause you are trying, but I am totally convinced that there are more preggos around than usual. I have never had 3 preggos cousins at the same time before. Plus two good friends. Plus two cousins just had babies in the past few months. Thats a lot of babies!

So thats my stream of consciousness ramble for today. I'll try to update this evening after our drive back from the RE. But if I don't its probably cause the meds didn't work and we stopped for beer.


  1. Hope you got good news today! I'm surprised your RE is so hesitant to let you do injects :/ My first cycle was when I was 24, I'm 26 now and just did my 4th cycle of injects. Every doctor is different though, I don't see it as being so risky if they monitor carefully, but I suppose some situations it can be risky and injects by themselves aren't as controlled as an IVF cycle would be. But the cost is drastically different. Don't hesitate to question their protocol if you're unsure about things, or not comfortable with them.

    Sorry for the announcements. I think most of us know what you're saying- happy for them, but still sad for ourselves and our situations. I've been there so many times. I hope it's your day soon.

  2. anxious to hear how the u/s went!!