Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letrozole Sucks!

At my RE's office they told me Letrozole (aka Femara) would likely have less side effects than Clomid. Wow were they wrong!

I work on the teller line at a small community bank. There are only 6 employees in the whole branch. We have a decent amount of time when there are no customers, so we joke around a lot. One of the employees is a high schooler. She cracks us up. She loves watching Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. So one of my coworkers jokingly asked if I had recorded Teen Mom on the DVR. Without thinking I popped back with "Oh yeah, thats just what I want to watch. A bunch of bimbos getting knocked up without trying when I can't get pregnant." Then I cried.

Ask me on a normal day and I might say "No thanks, not my style of show." But today, wow! My poor coworker didn't know what to do. Luckily they know whats going on so I just said "Sorry, I'm on new meds." But now he won't joke with me as much. I really hope that a moment of weepiness doesn't ruin the great big brother/little sister type of relationship that we have. I tried to make light of it by telling them about my earlier crying jag over my pup.

Sadly thats not even my first weepy moment of the day. Its not even my 2nd. Its my 3rd! I cried this morning when I had to crate the new pup. She is in the process of potty training so she goes in the crate til the hubby comes home at lunch. I felt so guilty I was bawling. That lasted til I got to work (all puffy-eyed). Then on my lunch break my mother-in-law called and left me the sweetest message. Which made me bawl again.

If I cry 4-5 times a day every day that I'm on this stuff, I'm gonna scream! I will be fine one minute and them crying uncontrolably the next. Its very different than Clomid or even Provera. With those I could control it to keep cool at work, but I'm worried it will happen at work again.

Think happy thoughts. Thats what I need to keep telling myself.


  1. Lissie-You cry all you want. You are entitled to it. And just so you know, you are much nicer than I am normally. That comment about the bimbos is what I would have said without meds. But that's just me, so you can always relish in the fact you're still nicer than me! haha


  2. Thats what I would have said at home, but I tend to sensor myself at work. I'm hoping for a less tearful day today, but I'm not optimistic. Already cried once.

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