Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Frustration

I made my peace with IVF. Well mostly, but now that we decided we are gonna do it, I just wanna get this show on the road. And of course my body chooses now to do what it was supposed to do several weeks ago. (TMI warning: if you don't wanna know more about my body than you ever thought you would, skip to the end)

As I was going to the bathroom last night, I noticed a good bit of CM (cervical mucus-see I said TMI). It was far different than anything I had seen before. It was totally EWCM which is the kind that you get when you ovulate. I peed on several OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) but got no positive tests. Based on my previous experience, I think that if I do ovulate, it is without an LH surge so the kits don't work. The RE agreed. So the nurse at the REs office wanted me to come in for an ultrasound. So take the afternoon off work then pay $275ish for it. So instead we decided to put IVF off for a month and wait two weeks and pee on a stick.

In reality this will be waiting til July will be good. We can save money for an extra month and we can lose more weight. We are working very hard right now to lose as much weight as we can. We are doing lots of working and hiking and eating on a low GI diet. Watching our portion size is the biggest change since we always eat pretty low GI. We are doing well so far, but it has only been a few days. Plus we don't have a scale. I think I am going to get a string and have the hubby help me measure myself with it. Then I can check back every few days to see if I'm loosing size. That way I'm not focused on weight.

But even though there are lots of good reasons to wait, I don't really want to. It makes our time table more comfortable. I won't have to go get a Hysteroscopy next week. I can wait til I work my next Saturday (that way I can take off early one day for the long drive and long appointment). I don't have to start BCPs today. And I don't have to worry about having a BFN right before my good friend has her baby. She is due right around the time we will do our transfer. So with any luck, I will be feeling optimistic and happy for their big day.

But man, I really want to get started!!!


  1. Thinking good thoughts, I think waiting a few months is a great idea. I mean you have several reasons to. But it has to be hard! Good luck with everything going on.

  2. OPK's are tricky. Its so easy to miss your surge! You may have missed it! Are you doing them every day? If you had the EWCM you were probably Ovulating! The OPKs turn positive 12-24 hours BEFORE you Ovulate... hope that helps ;)