Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I think I have made my peace with doing IVF. After researching a bit more, with the hubby's motility I think IVF is really our only choice. We could try a bunch of injectable cycles, but since we don't have insurance that covers any fertility stuff that would be several grand a pop with a low chance of success.

So  IVF it is. I want to be able to try for two kids before I'm 35. I turn 29 in two weeks. (In case anyone who plans to give me a bday gift is reading this, a donation to the IVF would be the best possible gift!)

We decided to go with financing for the IVF. It seems wrong to be financing our (possible) baby. At least we got a good APR. I'm not terribly impressed with the companies (ARC and a lender that they work with). They have told us twice that they would call us in 1-2 hours with a decision and then 5-6 hours later we call back and they say "Oh yeah..." Its terrible customer service (I work at a bank that is BIG on customer service). If we did that at work, we would get in big trouble. But I don't have a lot of options so I guess I'll deal.

We are hoping to start the cycle right around Memorial Day. Its a bit fast, but if we don't do it then, we would end up waiting til the end of July. One of my closest friends here in New Mexico is due mid July. I am her secondary go to person if she can't get in touch with her hubby and she goes into labor. So I want to either be done with the transfer before the end of June or wait til her baby is here.

I really want to get started as soon as possible, but I'm also worried about how hard it will be to see her baby for the first time after a possible BFN (big freaking negative on a preggo test) and a really pricey BFN at that.

Either way it will be hard. But I am so happy for her. I feel less jealousy of her than of most preggo ladies. She lost her first baby and struggled with that for a long while. She didn't have any trouble getting pregnant, but she battled to stay pregnant.  She still hasn't bought very much for the baby. She feels that she may be jinxing the baby.

Has anyone out there dealt with a similar situation? Do you find it easier to know how your cycle went or to have the hope for a future cycle? I am leaning toward knowing just because once I see that baby, I may be super jealous, but I will love her immediately. I think being able to help my friend out (even now she calls me with kiddo questions cause I have been around little ones my whole life) might make a possible BFN a bit easier to bear. And if its a BFP (big freakin positive) it would be a great time to celebrate.

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  1. Congrats on moving forward with IVF. We did 2 IUI's and then decided that we needed better odds of success. I am now pg from our IVf cycle, so I guess you can say that I think we made the right decision. One thing I liked about the IVF is that you get SO MUCh information. The monitoring tells you exactly how you are responding to the medications, and you know exactly how many eggs get fertilized, and you know that there are fertilized embryos returned to your uterus. They say that IVF is the ultimate diagnostic tool for infertility because you get so much medical feedback about the cycle. So best of luck to you!

    My best friend was 20 weeks pregnant with her first when we got our azoospermia (no sperm) diagnosis. I thought it would be so hard to meet her daughter, and I did cry when I held her for the first time, right after she was born, but she has become one of my most favorite little people. For whatever reason, I still find it hard to be around other babies, but not her. My best friend, although she has never experienced any infertility, has been one of the most compassionate and loving friends to me throughout all of this.