Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Updates

I think of this blog in two major ways. #1 it is for venting my frustrations and sadness, anger and all the other emotions that go along with infertility. #2 is as a chronicle for my life in this time. Hopefully this will help me to remember what it was like and what worked and what did not. We eventually hope to have two kiddos so we will be doing this more than once. This way I have all the side effects documented and can hopefully go into the second round of baby making with my eyes wide open.

Okay, on to my random updates:
  • I finished Letrozole yesterday. Thank goodness! I haven't been as weepy these past two days. I have however been a bit queasy, especially when I look at food. Plus I have slept around 10 hours per night most of this week.
  • Monday marks CD12 so I go to my RE for an ultrasound to see if the Letrozole has worked at all. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • In non-IF news, our pup apparently has Kennel Cough from the shelter. She sounds like she has something stuck in her throat that she can't get out. My sweet hubby took her downstair to roam so that I could sleep since I have to work today. She seemed to cough less when she could roam around.
  • We are in the middle of a major backyard overhaul. Our backyard looks more like a major jeep trail than a yard. It is tiny, but steep & rocky. So we are currently putting in a retaining wall. When I got home from work yesterday, we mixed 11 bags of concrete to fill the cinderblocks. My hubby is astounding. He set up drainage and everything. Despite the fact that he only got a couple of hours of sleep, he went to the store to buy more concrete (which is a big deal when you live in the middle of nowhere). With a pup and no back fence, life is hard. She has been getting about 6 walks each day. Good for loosing weight, but not for being able to do anything else.
So that about it for today. And thats enough. Anything else and I might have to scream. Too much at once. We probably should have waited to get the pup, but once we saw her in the shelter, there was no going back. Her big hound eyes and floppy ears got me right away.

Hopefully once the yard is finished we can get back to finishing our kitchen makeover (our townhouse was built in 74 so we have awesome harvest gold countertops!). Or maybe we could take a break from the projects and have a nice quiet month or so. Yeah right, if the hubby and I don't have projects, we would go nuts. Luckily we are both that way or we would probably get on each other's nerves.

So thats all. Hope all of you out there in the world are having a nice mellow Saturday. Enjoy it cause when I get home, I get to mix more cement!

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  1. That's a lot going on. LOL about the house. Ours was built in around 1900, and has a lot of original stuff (but wasn't maintained at all, so it's all falling to pieces) and then some of the stuff was updated in the 70s (the kitchen was added on at some point, it looks like it was more of an afterthought lol)... yeah, it's really classy in here. I've been slowly fixing it up for the last 4 years. Whew.

    Poor pup, hope she gets better.

    Good luck this cycle.