Friday, July 29, 2011

5 More Days of Insanity!

I think I'm going crazy. Everytime I feel ANYTHING in the middle portion of my body I get very excited and then worried. Is that a sign of implantation? Is that a bad sign? Am I preggo? Of course I'm not preggo. I don't get preggo. What am I thinking?

I just keep running through the same 10 thoughts. I know this is probably totally normal (at least for those of us living in the land of IF). I have read enough other blogs to know that lots of ladies feel the same. It just seems strange because up til this point its never even been a possibility. I have only ovulated once and that was way late with tiny follies so no chance. I "thought" I had a 2ww with my first round of Clomid, but nope. False positive on my OPK.

So this is so new to me. We have been trying different stuff for so long that it is very surreal to have an actual chance. My hubby keeps poking my belly and telling the embryo that it better grab on or it won't get to go to Disney World. Its very cute. We both keep trying not to think too much about it, but obviously thats not working.

We have a number of things planned between now and Wednesday (aka Beta day). Luckily since we have to do two Betas and they don't do them on Saturdays for some reason, I get to go one day early. Beta #1 is Wednesday and #2 is Friday of next week!

In the mean time we are going to see Cowboys & Aliens (don't judge, I am psyched!). Then on Satuday our friend that is staying with us is going to go camping til Sunday afternoon. I am very excited to have the house to ourselves for a while. I'm thinking romantic dinner and a movie at home. Sunday I'm hoping to go see my friend and her new baby then that afternoon we are going to hang out with some friends. Sunday might be a bit rough depending on how my emotions are that day. The friends we will be visiting have a 6 month old and the other couple who is coming have a 14 month old. So we will be the only ones without a baby. Or if I'm feeling optimistic, without a baby that has a window seat. Thats how my mom always referred to babies in utero.

And on a completely random note, a former parent of one of my kiddos (back when I taught preschool) just came into the bank. She told me about the store that she is taking over. It is a crafty, scrapbooky, consignment store. And then she asked if I wanted to have anything there in consignment! It has been so long since I have done crafty stuff just for the fun of it. But she got me thinking about starting up my polymer clay jewelry that I used to make. I also started playing with wire jewelry techniques. The two work so well together. I may have to pull out my stuff and start working tonight.

Maybe I'll post some stuff soon to get opinions! And now I better get back to work!


  1. Do post, I'd love to see some of your stuff. I know the wait is a killer, but that's really great that you have a few things to fill your time. I hope you and your hubby are able to enjoy the house to yourself!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I know you know where I'm coming from... For what it's worth, I don't think you're crazy! I think everything you're feeling is normal. I'm sure I'll feel the same way if I ever get to a "real" 2ww--one with actual confirmed ovulation (gasp, does that even happen??!) I hope you have a fun guest-free weekend =)

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one going nuts in the 2ww! I sat here one day and googled pics of embryos and tried comparing them to mine to see if the quality was ok- yeah it's nuts. I've been off and on crampy since transfer day and don't know what to think at all! Hang in there!!! It's great that you can do your beta on Wednesday- mine isn't until Saturday- another week of nuttiness!

  4. I've been crampy off and on too. I keep thinking, oh maybe thats good, then the next minute I'm sure its a bad thing!