Monday, July 18, 2011

Not Today :(

No trigger today. Probably tomorrow. But I have been seeing the other RE in the office since mine is off this weekend (they rotate). It seems like each doc has their own way of doing things and my doc may want to give me an extra day to grow. So I will likely get triggered tomorrow, but won't know for sure til then.

Its funny, in the REs office, the women usually tend to sit quietly and not talk to one another, but when you are there everyday at the same time (8 to 8:30 am) with the same women all week, it seems silly to not talk. Yesterday the four of us who had been in each day started chatting. We discussed the shots and the side effects. Today we talked about how many embryos we would transfer and how we all felt huge with our giant ovaries. I wonder what we will talk about tomorrow? We are all getting close to our trigger time, but I think most of us will still be there tomorrow. Its very interesting to talk to other women doing the same thing that I am.

I know a few women who have had IVF or various other treatments, but all of their kids are at least 5 so I feel quite removed from where they are. It was very cool to talk to people who are in the same place as me. If this doesn't work, I think I may look into one of those support groups or at least find one or two people who I can talk to face to face.

Man I hope this works. I really do not want to do this again. I am seriously thinking about adoption for a second baby.

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  1. I hope you8 do get to trigger soon. I never did talk to the women in the REs office- it always felt like we had a "no talk-avoid eye contact" rule lol. I know we didn't, but sometimes it felt like that. I usually just talked to my husband (he's always went to all my appts with me- but it was an hour drive for us, and I didn't want to go alone anyway).

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.