Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Thoughts and Meds Side Effects

My mind has been going to lots of different places lately so fair warning: this post will probably be random and jump from one topic to another.

First off side effects. So far not too awful much. Some stomach upset and possible hot flashes. I say possible because it has been in the 90s here and that is much hotter than usual and we do not have air conditioning. Plus it is still smoke from the wildfire so we have to keep our windows closed a lot. So basically its hard to tell if its hot flashes or if its just really hot. The stomach issues could also be due to AF showing up after I had to stop the BCP. Although I usually only have a messed up stomach for the first two days and its usually not this bad.

So all in all, not as bad as I expected so far.

On a totally different side of IF, my hubby and I have a tendency to plan for all of the possible worst case scenarios. We have found that we don't fight if we talk about all of the random possibilities. Plus we have a long drive to the RE so we have lots of time to talk. Lately we have been talking about adoption. I am leaning toward trying to have one baby through IVF and then adopting another. I'm not sure if I am willing to put my mind and body through all of this again. Plus doing all of this when I have a baby to take care of is hard to imagine.

Now granted, I may totally change my mind once I finally get to hold my own baby in my arms, but for now, I am leaning toward one biological babe and one adopted babe. Then I can tell each that we loved them so much that we chose a special way to get each of them.

So being the nutcase that I am, I'm starting to research adoption. I sort of feel like if the IVF doesn't work maybe we should take a break and look at adoption and maybe come back to IVF later.

See I told you I was all over the map today. And to illustrate that fact, I wanted to tell you all about my very strange evening yesterday. We did our usual Sunday afternoon trip to the grocery store to buy all the food for the week. We eat better if we plan the meals ahead and buy it all at once. While at the store we ran into some friends. She is at almost 38 weeks and they have already been to the hospital once with contractions 5 minutes apart, but no dilation. I figured she probably wouldn't want to cook dinner and he doesn't cook much. So we invited them to dinner. We had a pleasant dinner (with her having contractions periodically) and a very tasty dessert (grilled strawberry shortcake). Just after dinner it was time for my evening Menopur injection. She really wanted to watch. I'm not sure why, but she did so the hubby gave me my shot in the belly with both of them watching. She squealed and he shouted "This is the best dinner ever!" It was hilarious. He thought it was the coolest thing and she was kept asking if I was okay, did I need to sit down. I laughed my butt off.

And now one final bit of randomness...I have lots 5 pounds in the past couple of weeks!!! Woohoo!!!

Now I'm off to lunch. Hope my stream of consciousness randomness wasn't too annoying!


  1. Glad to hear the side effects are manageable, hopefully they stay that way! DH and I always plan for the worst case scenarios as well. Sending you lots of babydust!

  2. happy to hear you're side effects aren't taking over. mmm grilled strawberry shortcake sounds awesome!
    happy monday!

  3. So weird! I have been checking your blog and have not seen any posts til tonight! Anyways...catching up now! Hilarious about your friends. That was so nice of you to cook them dinner! I want some grilled strawberry shortcake...sounds yummy...mmm...

  4. I'll make some grilled strawberry shortcake next time we are in Texas!