Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Few Pictures...

I would really like to put more pictures in my blog, but most of my posts are done at work (shhh don't tell) and my work computer is TERRIBLE! So since I"m posting from home, I will put in a few pictures.

First the IF stuff: My lovely sister-in-law sent me an awesome care package with lots of band-aids for my injections (Winnie the Pooh and Hearts & Stars), a bouncy ball to throw at people who say stupid things (her words), a cool bag for my stuff, cotton pads, really tasty cookies (seriously go get some Milano melts!), Halls for my sore throat from the smoke, and several other things, but this captions is too long :)

All my meds and needles. Its far more depressing to see it all spread out at once. (For some reason the pic would not flip)

Now on to the fur kids: Cali & Branigan. This was one of the first times that she let him get close.

Lola hiding among the shoes.

Branigan with his huge puppy smile.

Branigan with his favorite toy Kiff. Branigan is named for Zapp Branigan from Futurama so his little green friend had to be Kiff.

Last but not least, some fire pics. The fire made the clouds beautiful colors. This was taken from the valley below our town on day 4 or 5 of the fire.

This is one of the views once we were allowed back in time.

Gotta love the fires in the background of the Welcome Home sign!

One of the AWESOME choppers that has been fighting this fire.

This is technically a volcano, just a dormant one. It totally looks like one!

There are 18 choppers working to fight the fire. It is currently 50% contained so they are still working on it!

Another cool view. It was crazy to come home and be able to see the fire. It was literally on all parts of the mountains!

The smoke sucks, but it does some cool things for the sunsets.

Well that is all for now. I'll try to put pictures in at the times that they make sense instead of doing them all at once from now on.


  1. First... WOW about the fire photos. That is crazy!

    Secondly, that was so sweet of your siste in law! I LOVE her care package!

    And yeah, that's a lot of meds.

    Love the furry babies :)

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  3. have adorable furr kids! I don't think I have seen a pic of Branigan in a while. He looks so proud standing by Kiff.

    Amazing fire pix!! So sorry y'all are having to deal with that smoke tho. The sunsets are gorgeous, but I am sure it would be nice to breathe!

    Wow...lots and lots of meds! That was nice of them to give u a sharp disposables container at least. But seriously...dang! will have to let me know if you actually throw the ball at anyone! Love ya tons!

  4. Ok...sorry for the double post. I tried to change my profile picture and repost with the new one, but it didn't work!

  5. I've been thinking of you. Hope everything is going okay!