Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 2

9 Loves:
  1. My hubby! I love him more everyday! Especially yesterday when he held me as I cried cause my morning was just terrible. He just held me and stroked my hair. He is the best hubby a girl could ask for.
  2. My kids, aka Cali & Lola the kitties and Branigan the pup (and Socrates, the pup who died nearly 2 years ago. I still love & miss him tons).
  3. My family. Unfortuntely I don't get to see most of them that often since they are in Texas.
  4. Art supplies! It doesn't matter what kind. I love them all!!! From the cheapo little watercolors you used in elementary school to the super expensive metal working supplies. My biggest problem is that I want to learn how to use them all, so I never get to be an expert in most of them.
  5. Hobby Lobby. As an extension of #3. I can spend hours wondering the store, thinking of projects to do.
  6. Doing projects with my hubby. Currently we are deconstructing and reconstructing our kitchen. I'll do a post about our crazy 70s kitchen soon. We have also written a children's book together (we are currently looking for an agent), remodeled our backyard, tiled most of our downstairs, started a non-profit corporation and done countless other smaller projects. We always have at least 3 projects in the works. We don't know the meaning of the word bored!
  7. Chocolate. Need I say more?
  8. Sonic drinks! Nothing hits the spot better than a Route 44 diet Sprite with Blue Coconut!
  9. Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Mmmmmmmm....

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