Friday, May 6, 2011

Why do I do this to myself?

The hubby is out of town and I always tend to get weepy when he is gone. I knew that I shouldn't, but I put on Sweet Home Alabama. It always gets me. I'm a total southern girl. I know that going from rural San Antonio to the Dallas Metroplex isn't that big of a change (from rural Alabama to NC) but it was still a big change.

So I feel a good connection to the movie. And aside from that, the part when she goes to the pet cemetery and talks to Bear is just heart breaking. When I started this IF journey I had my puppy Socrates. He passed away just over a year ago. When he died I was lost. He knew me so well. He knew exactly when I needed him. And now he is gone. It been over a year and I'm sitting here bawling about it.

Our new pup Branigan is great. The problem is that he is the same color as Socrates. He is a similar size. He is also super sweet. But he makes me miss my puppy even more. He even makes oinky sounds like Socrates did.

So now that I started this pity party, I'm going all the way. I started watching the last episode of Gilmore Girls. I really wish I had Untamed Heart on DVD. I started crying, I need a good final cry. Maybe this will do it. I don't know why I am feeling so melancholy, but there it is.

I miss my pup. And I'm saying this while cuddling with the new pup. I can't wait til he stops being the new pup and starts being just the pup. I know he is gonna be endless comfort during this crazy journey.

***Turns out Gilmore Girls was a stupid choice. I spent the whole time crying about how I want the chance to be that great of a mom. So ladies, be smarter than I am at video choices.

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  1. Aww hun (*hugs*)

    I noticed I've carefully curtailed my video choices lately... well, in the last year severely actually. Just so many movies that I love, that I just can't handle anymore.