Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes Ovulation Ain't All Its Cracked Up To Be

I'm not sure why, but I have been avoiding posting about whats happening with my cycle and such. I am just SO annoyed.

Here is a short summary of what led me to where I am right now: In April Letrozole seemed not to work for me. Lots of tiny follies, but none big enough. So after that we decided to move on to IVF. We were going to be doing it in June, shooting for a transfer the 3rd week of the month. So I plan a calendar with the IVF coordinator and go pick up my birth control pills aka. BCP (I find it amusing that the first step of IVF is birth control). I scheduled my hysteroscopy and the hubby's Halo S/A. And the day I was going to start the BCPs, I ovulated. Wasn't expecting it. Was really pissed that it happened at exactly the wrong time. Spent several days asking why my body hated me so much.

At this point AF has come and gone. Tomorrow I am scheduled for a hysteroscopy (little camera into the uterus). I had one 5 months or so ago. My RE does a hyst to check for polyps and blockages before the IVF. The hubby will also be going into do his Halo S/A. This is to check for mutations beyond what they do with the normal S/A (at least thats what I seem to remember them telling us). After our appointments, we meet with the IVF coordinator to get our calendar and order our meds. Then we also have to go get blood tests (STDs and various other things they require before doing IVF). Hubby had the audacity to whine about having to get blood work done. I can guarantee he won't do that again :) He also complained because I am not letting him ride his bike (can't let his boys get too hot). He seems to forget that I'm not the only one with fertitlity issues.

On the meds note: Has anyone out there ordered meds from http://www.ivfmeds.com/ or any of the other online places? I would really like to not pay as much. We are already going to be strapped pretty thin with a $471 montly payment to pay off the IVF. Luckily I set up a flexible spending account so I can get some of that without paying tax on it.  I would love to save on the meds, but I'm also concerned about quality.


  1. I've seen women on some forums use IVFmeds, they said that the biggest issue was the meds getting caught up in customs, or taking awhile to get to them. I haven't used them personally, but they're prices are pretty decent.

    Good luck with the hysteroscopy today! Thinking of you.

  2. I've heard lots of women say IVF meds saved them a ton of money, but to alot enough time for them to possibly get stuck in customs temporarily. I hope the hyst went well and too funny about your DH and the bw. My DH freaked when he heard he needs bw before IVF. I pretty much freaked out right back at him and that shut him up pretty quick, lol. Good luck!