Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I can't believe you just said that to me!!!

This weekend was Summerfest on our local ski hill. They have the lifts open so you can ride up and hike or bike down (there are trails crisscrossing the ski trails so you don't have to go straight down). Then after the hiking & biking the cafe opens and they have burgers and all the local microbreweries have samples of their beer. You buy a glass and can get free samples and one free pint. So everyone in town was there. Small town with not much to do, so everyone goes to all the events, especially when cheap, tasty beer is involved.

We met up with several friends, one of whom is the preggo friend who I am throwing a baby shower for this coming Saturday. After we had been hanging out for a while (aka going to every booth and getting a free sample which means we basically got 3 free beers) we had our pint and went looking for a table. We met up with my preggo friend and another girl (who I later found out is also preggo). She looked at me and said "I hate you. I wish I could have a beer!" I looked right back at her and said "I hate you, too. I wish I could get pregnant." Everyone around us got sort of quiet. Before I go any farther I do want to say that the "I hate you"s are not serious in any way. That is just the nature of our relationship. Well at that moment my "I hate you" may have been a bit serious. She finally realized that she put her foot in her mouth big time. She said she was sorry and asked how everything was going. I told her that I would gladly give up all beer for life if I could get pregnant right now.

So basically, I can't believe that she said that. I really wish people would process what they are going to say before it comes out of their mouths!


  1. Ugh, ignorant fertile comments are the worst. I think you handled it better than I would have=)

  2. Like I tell me middle school kids, think before you speak! :) Sounds like an otherwise nice day. I would have loved a festival like that!

  3. Ungh. I think your response was spot on. She really wasn't thinking, so she needed reminding. Hope you had a good time otherwise.

  4. omg.. i totally agree with this!! A similar incident happened to me not too long ago. I was at a party and my sister in law (who is preggers) said she wished she could drink like me. Talk about a slap in the face also. The thing is that another cousin is pregnant too so when we have family gatherings.. i happened to be the ONLY female there drinking cuz all the other ladiies are either pregnant or with kids and are taking care of them. SO yup.. that leaves lil ol me. and I always hear the comments " man.. diana is so lucky cuz she gets to drink.."

    well NO!! i am NOT lucky u dumba**es!! grrrrr!!!

    but its ok.. OUR TIME WILL COME!