Monday, June 20, 2011

Our IVF Should TOTALLY be Free!!!

As my hubby was talking to his grandpa yesterday for Father's Day, we learned something very cool. Something that make me say that the docs owe it to science to do our IVF for free!

My hubby's grandpa invented the stuff that the embryos grow in while in the petri dish!!! He created it! Its named after him! It was used in the very FIRST IVF ever! And variations of it are still used today. So our RE owes it to science to make sure that my hubby's great scientific genes get passed on, right? Think he will agree? Probably not.  But its still cool!

Thanks grandpa for making IVF possible for us!


  1. That's so cool--that's gotta be some good karma right there!

  2. that IS cool !!!! and yes.. u should totally get it free!! =)

  3. WHOA! That's awesome! Good luck with this cycle!

    Visiting from ICLW!

  4. wow that is very cool!!! I agree that has to be good karma that your Grandfather has helped so many of us bring little ones into the world!!!

    All the best this round!!!!

    Happy ICLW

  5. Oh wow! I had no idea!!! How amazing is that! What is the name of it? And should totally be free!