Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trip home, family and all that jazz

I went home to San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend. As always it was great to see all my family. I spent most of the nights at my mom's house. She even managed to get all my sibs and step sibs in the house at once. That is quite a feat since we range in age from 16 to 38. Most have jobs with varying work schedules and my big sis has 2 kiddos to wrangle.  But we managed to have a big family dinner (which we only slightly burned while playing a rousing game of Scattergories). It was great.

I spent one night at my dad's house. He had been baking bread and cinnamon rolls and cinnamon twists all day. He is trying to master my grandma's recipes while she is still around to coach him. That was the best possible day to come by. I LOVE my grandma's bread and cinnamon rolls! Dad's is almost just like hers. I think a bit more practice and he will have it down. So I got to have fresh bread with jelly for breakfast! The down side was his air conditioning went out that night so I got to sleep in the 80 degree, 100% humidity heat without A/C.

K (dad's fiancee)'s daughter was there for dinner with her two little ones. One is 2 and half years old and the other is 3 months old. Its hard to be around them. S (the daughter) made a flippant comment about how she was hoping the youngest would be a girl, but she should have know it was a boy cause the baby's dad has a pattern. He has two boys then a girl. Apparently he had a boy with his wife (not S) then had a boy with S, then had a girl with the wife, then the second boy with S. She said that if she wants a girl she will have to wait til he has his next boy with his wife! She even said it with a smile on her face! How can she be SO stupid!!! That is one of the many reasons that I don't like being around her or her kids. I don't hold it against her kids, but they are painful reminders that a crackhead like her can get preggo, but I can't.

But the main reason I went home was to see my grandma. She is my last living grandparent and she will be 94 in September. She is not doing great. I suppose for a 94 year old she is doing great, but she is fading. I really want her to be able to meet my baby. I need the IVF to work in July so that I have a better chance of having a baby before I lose my last grandma. Please let it work!

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  1. I feel the same way. I just want my Grammy to be able to hold her great-grandchild. I hope we both get our wish! I have a beautiful picture of myself as an infant with my mom, grammy, and great-grammy. It's a picture I treasure and still look at every night, and I want one for my child too.