Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Survived a Baby Shower

And I didn't get drunk or hit anyone!!! I am quite proud of myself. It was quite stressful planning the shower, but in a way I am grateful for the drama. It gave me something to focus on other than the fact that I was one of 3 ladies who either don't have kids or are not currently pregnant. Luckily it was not a bring your kids with you sort of shower. If it had been there would have been lots of babies.

The drama consists of one of the three hostesses being totally nuts. She wanted to host the shower at her house which is in another town about 45 minutes away from where 90% of the guests live. That makes no sense. So we wanted to have it here in our town. She also planned to hire caterers and wait staff for the shower. She also wanted it to be for both guys & girls. The mom (you know, the one who we are planning the shower for) said she didn't want guys there. She also said she wanted it in our town and she wanted it to be simple. She is a very simple streamline type of person. She isn't into gaudy craziness, like the crazy lady had planned.

All throughout the planning, the crazy lady either totally ignored all requests for us to help make anything or she complained because it would be too hard for her to bring a cake from her town to ours. Now granted, the geography of our area makes things a bit trickier since we have lots of hills and mountains, but its not like the drive from there to here is on dirt roads or anything. She whined about the cake the whole time so we said don't worry about a cake. I would make cupcakes. I had a plan to make super fancy cupcakes with royal icing decorations that match the baby's room. So of course she shows up with a 3 tier cake and smaller cakes for everyone to take home with them. No one even noticed my cupcakes.

The crazy lady kept making snide remarks about how at "traditional" baby showers the dad gets gifts too. Have you ever heard of that? I have thrown or helped throw at least 10 baby showers ( I have lots of cousins) and I haven't heard of that. She also made remarks about the tea sandwiches that we served. She immediately sat in the most comfy chair (gee, wouldn't you think that might be for the expectant mom?). Basically she is nuts as well as rude. But it kept me from dwelling on the fact that I may never get a baby shower. So yay for drama!

Oh and I forgot to mention that in the prep that morning, I cut off part of the tip of my finger. So add a good bit of blood loss to the fun of the day!


  1. Oh my gosh, that lady sounds awful! Definitely a distraction it sounds like, which can be good.

    I would love to see the cupcakes if you took any pictures! I do cake decorating on the side and love seeing other designs :)


  2. Glad things went well depsite that one woman. Baby showers are really hard for me to go to, so you deffinetly are stronger than I am=)

  3. Wow, what a drama queen. But it does sound like it had to be mildly entertaining! I bet your cupcakes were awesome, and I want to hit the drama queen for you. She sounds like a loon. Boo to her. Glad you survived it though! You are definitely stronger than me. I skipped some showers (yes, even my SILs shower), because I could not handle that... let alone be a hostess for one. Very awesome of you.