Thursday, June 2, 2011

My RE's office rocks!

I have had moments (especially reading blogs where others talk about their REs) when I was annoyed with my RE's office. RE stands for Reproductive Endocrinologist for anyone who doesn't know or forgot.  I felt like he was pushing me to IVF sooner than I was ready. I have had a time or two of not getting a call back as quickly as I had hoped.

I think my doc new that the meds wouldn't work for me after one round of Clomid, but I wasn't ready for that to be true so he went with what I wanted to do. And on the call backs, I can easily understand how that happens. Lots more calls than usual or a heavily scheduled day. And I will admit, most of us IF ladies probably call more often than we really NEED to call. So lots of call backs to make.

Aside from those two things, I must say that my RE's office rocks! They are pretty much the only option in the whole state, so we are really lucky to have such a good option! All of the nurses that have helped me have been super. The IVF coordinator is GREAT!!! She gets back to me so quickly and got me my prescriptions right away. She doesn't seem to mind that I have called her 5 or 6 times with random questions about the meds and the ordering of the meds. The doc himself (aside from being a total hottie) is very nice and always answers all my questions. He always comes up with some random topic to chat about when he is going to do something uncomfortable (which is often since my ovaries hide so my ultrasounds can be quite painful). He brings up such random topics that you can't help but forget about the pain and listen to what he is saying.

So basically I am feeling really happy with them. I just felt the need for a positive post and they have been so great.

That is all... :)


  1. That's great :) It's really important to have a clinic you love and can trust. My old reproductive clinic was awful, but my current REs office has been amazing. It's a good feeling!

  2. I love positive posts. :) Good for you for being positive and I'm so glad you like your RE.

  3. That's great you have such an awesome clinic working with you as a team on your TTC journey!