Friday, March 25, 2011

Ambushed by Infants

I spent the evening at a friend's bbq. I know that bbqs are family things and babies aren't uncommon, but my friend is not a kid person (ironic since she is 6 months preggo). Apparently since she is now pregnant, all of her work friends decided to bring their kids. Usually at her house, its adults only. We drink wine and play fooseball (in this house fooseball is a bigger deal than religion. There is a bracket and your standings are saved from previous tournaments). This time it was tea and kids. I walked in expecting around 15-20 adults, wine and games. Instead I was ambushed by infants. 6 of them! Plus 3 preggo ladies! I had to get out of there. But shes by best friend around here. So I had to stay for several hours. It was torture. The people without babies had older kids. There was a table of few non-parents. I know for sure that at least one couple has had IF issues. I couldn't help wondering if she was having as hard of a time as me.

So now I'm home with my wine (didn't even open the bottle at the bbq). The hubby gets back from Utah tomorrow. I have an appointment at a salon to get a new hair cut. And we are gonna start rebuilding our back fence so we can get a dog. I keep reminding myself that lots of people have full and happy lives without kids.

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  1. it's amazing how, when going through IF, the babies and preggos come out of the woodwork. i know they've always been there, but they seem to have multiplied since we started dealing with this. ha ha! good for you for sticking it out!