Thursday, March 10, 2011

And the Verdict is...

I never ovulated. We are waiting for lab results to confirm this, but my RE is pretty certain. So now I move on to Letrozole. Another pill to try to get me to ovulate.  I'm not optimistic. But then again I'm never optimistic. Letrozole is supposed to have less side effects than Clomid so I'm hopeful that at least I may not feel so crappy this round.

If this doesn't work, the RE wants us to do IVF. I am really hoping it doesn't come to that. We have been battling down our debt and IVF will put us right back in a huge amount of debt. I'm in major research mode today. I'm looking at cost of IVF and financing options. I am also looking into adoption. That is a long way down the road and IVF and possible egg donation come first, but I want to know what the options are and how much they cost. Realistically we can't afford more than 2 rounds of IVF so if it doesn't work in 2 rounds we need to be prepared.

I feel like I am jumping the gun a bit, but I like to have all possibilities listed and organized. I feel like the more out of control my life gets, the more I try to hold onto control of little things.

We have a spreadsheet with our credit cards and various bills. We have chiseled them down a LOT! Thanks in part to our tax refund this year and also to buying our house. We cut our rent/mortgage by 200 bucks! We probably spend about an extra $100 per month on house stuff, but its still a savings.

I really want this to work. Please, someone give my stupid ovaries a pep talk or something. All of my trash talk doesn't seem to be working.

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