Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to the Doc Once Again

I'm headed back to the doc today to sit down and discuss what the heck went wrong with this past cycle. 

After they gave me the double dose of Clomid, I had another ultrasound (this was a Friday). Still no big follicle. They sent me for blood work again (my poor arms are starting to get scar tissue that makes it hard to get blood easily). So we headed home, from Albuquerque to Los Alamos (1.5 hours one way). Then we get a call on Saturday saying that based on my estrogen level, I would ovulate in the next two days.

Back to peeing on a stick.  Sunday I got a positive on my Ovulation Predictor!  We were very excited. So we called the docs office and set up a time for insemination on Monday morning.  Back to Abq. They do another ultrasound! I am getting so used to this that when I went to my allergist this week and saw a doctors office that didn't have stirrups I was a bit surprised! Ultrasound showed no big viable follicles again!

The doc (not my usual one, but the other one in the office) thought that I had a false positive. More blood work. More needles digging around for a usable vein.

Got a call that afternoon that it was not a false positive so we had to turn around and go back to Abq the next day for the insemination.

I had little hope that it would work this time. Too many issues. And what do you know, I was right. After the IUI (aka insemination) I got to wait 2 weeks which puts us at Tuesday morning. So I did a test and no luck.

I wasn't expecting it to work, but I was not prepared for how much it would hurt to find out for sure. I have discovered that digital preggo tests are the devil!!! One line instead of two is far less hurtful. Having the test say "Not Pregnant" just pissed me off. So no more of those til it works. I'll use one once I know I'm pregnant just to see it say "Pregnant."

To deal with our disappointment, the hubby and I deconstructed our kitchen. It was great therapy. We got to use a crowbar! I highly recommend use of a crowbar to handle disappointment!

So I'll head back to Abq here in a few minutes and we will see where we are. I am armed with my list of research and questions. So here I go.

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