Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hubby's 30th

So the hubby turns 30 tomorrow. He is taking it very well. We are having a get together tonight to celebrate before he heads off to Moab, UT with his brother and grandfather on Monday. I'm pretty sure I just burned his birthday cake. I'm not sure that being alone this next week is going to be a good thing. Luckily I finish my Provera tomorrow. Its making me terribly grumpy and keeps messing with my stomach.

I just want to be done with the meds and find out if the Letrozole will actually work. I'm not feeling very happy or optimistic at the moment. Can you tell?

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  1. Sorry for the provera messing with you, and being alone for a week. I hope you can find plenty of distractions. Optimism is overrated sometimes ;) I pretty much count on cycle not working, it's easier than getting my hopes up just to have them dashed. Positive thinking can be good though, things just vary. Hope this cycle works for you.