Friday, March 25, 2011

Hurry UP!!!

I am very impatiently waiting for Aunt Flo (AF). I took Provera for the 5 days ending this past Sunday. In the past I started two days later. But I am on day 5 now. I really want to hurry up and start. I want to move on to the next step. I can't try Letrozole til I get my dang period!

I am not optimistic about Letrozole so I want to hurry up and get it overwith. The waiting around for you body to do what it should do on its own is by far the most frustrating part of this whole process (but I reserve the right to be most annoyed by something else tomorrow).

And on another note, thank you all for your lovely comments about my future step-mom's comments. I got lots of smiles from them!

1 comment:

  1. lol, about reserving the right to be annoyed by something else tomorrow! Hope you get AF soon. I get annoyed waiting around on her. After Provera, when mine comes varies a lot. Too bad it's not more predictable. Good luck!